Quick Tip: Multi Object Attribute Randomization C4D / by David Houston

This is a quick way to assign random values to any parameter when you have multiple objects selected. In this example it is being applied to the Seed of a Vibrate tag so that all of the objects are assigned a different seed. We are using rnd(value) to generate a random value within a specified range. So typing rnd(100) in the Z position of an object will assign a random value between 0-100 and move it to that location. If you type x+, x-. x*, etc... before your rnd(value) it will look at the currently assigned value of the object and +,-, * the result with whatever is returned from the random generator. Why can't you just type rnd(50000) with all of the objects selected? If you do this then it calculates one time and applies that to each object. By using x+rnd(50000) it has to reference every object (even if they are at the same value) and then recalculate the random function for each object. Other Examples: rnd(600) - Will assign a random value between 0-600 rnd(-500) - Will assign a random value between 0- -500 x+rnd(200) - Adds a random value between 0-200 to the current value Let me know of any quick tips that you have and I will try and make a video and credit you! Also if anything I wrote above is wrong, please let me know.