Quick Tip: Evenly Distribute Multiple Objects C4D / by David Houston

Here are two quick ways to evenly distribute multiple selected objects. Distribute objects per step: num*2000. num references the index of your currently selected objects. The Index starts from the top and goes down no matter what order your objects have been selected. Index always starts with 0. In the first example num*2000, the first object is set to 0, the second to 2000, the third to 4000, etc. Distribute objects by end point: 20000/(tot-1)*num. In this example we are trying to have an object a 0 and object at 20000 and all the rest evenly distributed in between. tot in C4D is a reference to the total number of objects you have selected. If I had written 20000/tot*num then I would of had the buildings evenly distributed from 0 to 20000 except I would not have a building exactly on 20000. I promise all of these quick tips wont be math in the attribute manager. Let me know of any quick tips that you have and I will try and make a video and credit you! Also if anything I wrote above is wrong, please let me know. Thanks to Paul van Sommeren for the input on the num function