Quick Tip: Exponential Offset of Objects / by David Houston

Here is a quick way to setup exponential offset with multiple objects. In the example we use pow(num+1;2)*.25 pow is to the power of so with no values a proper input would look like this. pow(value1;value2) The value after the semicolon is what you are setting the power to so pow(num;2) is the same as writing num*num In the example I added in a +1 after num so that none of my objects were scaled to 0. Also you may have noticed that all of my proportions scaled evenly. This was setup with expresso and just linking the Y and Z parameters to their corresponding X parameter. Let me know of any quick tips that you have and I will try and make a video and credit you! Also if anything I wrote above is wrong, please let me know. Thanks to Paul van Sommeren for the input on the num function